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Art Latina

WAYRA- Men's leather slippers, comfortable, hand-sewn, cordoned, non-slip, casual, elegant.

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Brand: Rocío Bertone

Color: Palo de Rosa

Details: They're called WAYRA and they're ready for any trip. These handmade shoes are designed for daring beings, who take the initiative to create their own journey. They are original, elegant and dress for every occasion. Made of leather on the outside, fabric on the inside and stitched sole. The collection is inspired by pre-Columbian art. Origins that represent our past and our Latin American roots. We are motivated to make them because we want to be there accompanying every step of their way. Inside you will find the Illustration @KIKAYIS, Colombian artist. "I am an illustrator since I had my first crayon in my hand. The Caribbean roots and the Mediterranean heart are the mark of my versatility.