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Terracotta Salad Plates Set of 5 - Hand Painted From Spain

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Brand: Cactus Canyon Ceramics

Color: terracotta, blue, orange, yellow, red, blue


  • Set of 5 Mulit-Colored, Terracotta Salad Plates
  • Hand painted in Andalusia, Spain (fired twice at 980 degrees C - not glazed on the back)
  • Measures approximately 8" across the top of the plate
  • Dishwasher, microwave and food safe
  • Cactus Canyon Ceramics offers 3 sizes of plates. A dinner plate, a salad plate & a tapa plate

Details: This beautiful set of terracotta salad plates is perfect for the tabletop. This is a very nice sized salad plate. The colors are beautiful and you can mix the settings for lots of fun colors! The hand painted terracotta plates are quite durable and stack nicely. Please note, that since each plate is handcrafted and hand painted, there will be small imperfections that make each piece unique and special. Cactus Canyon Ceramics also offers a dinner and tapa plate sets, as well as bowls cups and serve-ware. These salda plates are perfect for entertaining and serving appetizers, snacks or tapas. Thank you!