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Art Latina

Handmade Canotier Panama Hat Beige

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Brand: Raceu Hats and Caps

Color: Beige


Provence, is the most anticipated canotier,the trends of the season combine this summer complement with the daily looks to get a breakthrough style.

Produced manually in Ecuador, with palm leaves, Provence is the most groundbreaking version of the classic Panama hats worldwide known for their durability and resistance.

This canotier is a wide-brimmed hat, distinguishing it from the classic Boater, it keeps the rigid cup and the straight wing that characterize this type of women's hats.

Decorated in double leather tape, you can wear it with the leather ribbons together forming a wide ribbon image or separating them you will give the glass of Provence a very original touch.

Each hat is unique since the manual elaboration has slight variations, an artisan takes up to 5 days to finish it.

The toquilla straw, known for its flexibility and durability, is the perfect material to protect you from the sun's rays, as it offers SPF 50.

About Raceu Atelier:

The manufacture of this hat has been taken care of in detail by our hat makers. Raceu combines tradition with the latest trends and from this combination are born pieces of high quality, timeless and with character.

Signed by our brand with the R on a silver pin.

Tip Raceu Atelier: Re-iron the wing with a vaporizer and place it on a flat surface at night, to regain a rigid edge after use.

  • Handmade in Ecuador
  • 100% straw toquilla
  • Measure wing: 10 cm
  • Measure cup: 9 cm

A great idea to transport your hats is to fill the cup with soft clothes, place it face down between the garments of your suitcase and continue placing your clothes in a way that protect the wing.