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Art Latina

Multicolor Pearls Bracelets Set. 7.5" Pearls Stretch Bracelet. Genuine Freshwater Pearls. Love and Happiness Bracelet.

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Brand: D'Mundo Accesorios

Color: Multicolor

Details: This Duo-bracelet set is very cute and colorful ! It's inspired by multicolor pearls properties: Love and Happiness !
It's the perfect gift for yourself, your sister, your daugther, or for the person you love!

Each Bracelet is handmade with approximately 20 genuines freshwater pearls, different colors, 6-8 mm. This also has 4 crystals -6mm-, and a lot of very small -3 mm- crystals. The clear pears - white, beige, pink, peach - and black pearls are natural, and the dark color pearls - dark blue, red, fuchsia - are dyed.

The bracelets are 7.5" inches long, and are stretch. We use a high quality and strong elastic nylon.

This set comes gift wrapped in a nice round box - color random - .

Pearl Properties:
Pearls are symbol of Love, Feminity, relaxation, stability. Colors Pearls symbolize Happiness!

Package Dimensions: 3.7 x 3.7 x 1.6 inches