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Art Latina

Mexican Trendy Baja Poncho - Winter Poncho

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Brand: Virblatt


  • MEXICAN SWEATER PONCHO MATERIAL: Baja jacket, Baja pullover, Baja sweater and Baja Joe hoodie creations are all made from our best quality natural cotton with a warm fleece lining.
  • MENS BAJA HOODIE DESIGN: This hippie poncho is reversible, cozy and stylish with hand-tailored fringe detailing and custom mandala artwork.
  • MEXICAN HOODIE REVERSIBLE FEATURES: This black winter hoodie has a drawstring hoodie detailing with two practical pockets to store your belongings in.
  • BAJA JERGA HOODIE LIFESTYLE: Our hippie hoodies men designs are multi-seasonal and super trendy with any of your style choices, be it at the latest gallery opening, or near a campfire in the woods.
  • JERGA PONCHO HIPPIE PULLOVER CRAFTMANSHIP: We create each Baja jerga hoodie in collaboration with our team of family run businesses across Thailand and Nepal to give you fashion that lasts.


Our range of Baja poncho designs are your new favorite hippy poncho, jerga poncho, Men's Baja poncho and winter poncho options for you to wear on your next adventure. virblatt is dedicated to creating a range of guilt-free men poncho options that take the classic Mexican poncho sweater design and add a unique boho poncho element to the look.

These Mexican sweater designs are ponchos fleece options that have been made from our best quality cotton and individually tailored by our collective of small family-run businesses to give you a cozy fleece poncho with the lightweight natural feel of a fleece poncho men love. The edgy and modern boho poncho for men aesthetic is accented by traditional Mexican poncho winter fringe detailing, as well as a custom-designed mandala on the back of the poncho pullover. Each of our Baja poncho men designs has nifty storage space for your essentials, as well as an adjustable drawstring red Mexican poncho hood. This gives you an ergonomic style that is unique and eye-catching during any season. We have this range of Virblatt ponchos available as a one-size-fits-all option to give you a vintage Baja poncho that is comfortable and trendy in at the same time.

We know how important it is for us to feel proud of the clothes we wear, that is why we make conscious clothes for you to enjoy on your travels.