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Mayan sctipt antique silver-plated beads cone 8.7x18.5mm fits 8-11mm beads Sold per pack of 4pcs (4pack bundle), SAVE $3

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  • 3-layer plating technique
  • pro-65 Lead-free nickel-free
  • Sold per pack of 4pcs
  • Jewelry grade alloy
  • FREE standard shipping on $25+ orders, 3-4 day nationwide delivery with standard shipping

Details: Add one of our findings to personalize Jewelry. each one of our findings are hand polished to remove any imperfaction and finished with industry highest 3-layer plating technique to insure each piece of our them fit your exquisite hademade jewelry. All product holds Californian pro@-65 lead-free standard and world highest EU's nickel-free standards . Free ship on orders over $25+. 40day no-question-ask return. smaller package avalible, search with product title to find them