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Long Freshwater Selected Pearls Necklace. Mother's Day Gift. Selected Genuine Freshwater Pearls. One or two strands Pearls Necklace by D'Mundo Accesorios. 47.5" inches Necklace.

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Brand: D'Mundo Accesorios

Color: High brightness pearly white.

Details: This Genuine Freshwater Pearls Necklace would be beautiful for a special occasion. It is ideal for your Mother or your Wife. This necklace is a unique and exclusive piece

The Necklace was hand-knotted between pearls by us. This is important to protect the high quality pearls, so that not get damaged by striking one to each other and to keep them in place. We are expert knotting pearls!.
The pearls are all hand selected by us, ensuring you are receiving the best. All pearls are 100% real genuine cultured freshwater pearls. The pearls are oval shape, 10 mm, almost perfect, very similar between them, pearly white color, with few rings in the surface.
The necklace is 47.5" inches long, and you can use it long - single strand - , or short - double strand -.
This necklace comes in a nice gold color jewelry gift box.

This product is On Sale! 30% off - The standard price is us $198 -.

Pearls Properties: Pearls are a symbol of femininity, purity, tranquility, innocence, and faith. Pearls enhance personal integrity and help clear ones mind. Pearl is know as a "stone of sincerity". It brings truth to situations and loyalty to a cause.

Package Dimensions: 5.9 x 3.5 x 1.4 inches