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Art Latina

Encantada Coffee Mug Mexican Theme Hand Painted and Custom Made in Mexico. Bright,Colorful, Functional Pottery. Lead Free and Superior Quality.

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Brand: Encantada Mugs

Color: Red


  • BEAUTIFUL DESIGN: Brighten your home or kitchen with these beautiful hand painted ceramic mugs. Casual, stylish, quality artistic pottery. The original pottery from Mexico is sure to charm you!
  • TRADITIONAL STYLE: Our Mexican themed Coffee Mugs, has a touch of traditional and modern style to it resulting in an elegant enduring design that is both classic and comfortable.
  • TABLETOP ACCESSORY: Even while not sipping coffee or tea in these mugs, they make for an exceptional tabletop accessory item. Add some color to your kitchen with some excellent aesthetic work.
  • SAFE & RELIABLE: With these hand painted coffee mugs you don't have to worry about the colors fading or the cups losing their glow after you microwave or wash them. Our ceramic mugs are Lead-free, Microwave and Dishwasher Safe. These ceramic mugs are made to last, making these perfect gift for daily home use or special occasions.
  • THE IDEAL GIFT: This set of single or pair of coffee mugs makes for a great gift for multiple occasions and people.



Unmatched Quality & Design - Our high quality ceramic coffee mugs are made to impress.

Each piece has personality from the dots and swirls to the hand painted logo at the bottom.

The outside, the inside and the handle are covered in textured patterns providing a refreshing change to your morning routine.

Unlike typical mugs, these lead-free ceramic mugs are made by only using the highest quality ceramic material to make sure that they don't just look beautiful but also be durable. The comfortable handle and the unique design adds a touch of vintage to our Mexican themed ceramic mugs.

Thanks to the durable nature of high-quality ceramic and the finest craftsmanship these ceramic mugs are 100% Dishwasher & Microwave Friendly . Our Coffee & Tea Mugs make the best gift for any occasion which includes father's day, mother's day, anniversary, birthday or any other occasion due to its beautiful design and high quality.

Our Hand Crafted Ceramic Mugs are ideal for home use, can be taken to work, or you can be given for a special occasion.

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