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Art Latina

Domed Coin Necklace Colombia Wire Wrapped Black Snowflake Obsidian Stone Bead

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Brand: Hendywood

Color: gunmetal

Details: This domed coin necklace was made from a Colombian coin valued at 200 pesos. The image on this copper-nickel coin is a beautiful example of Quimbaya artwork, an ancient South American civilization noted for their spectacular art.

You might not receive the exact coin or bead pictured. I will choose a 200 pesos Colombian coin and an obsidian stone bead from my stock to make the necklace. Dates are not guaranteed.

I wire wrapped a polished black snowflake obsidian stone bead to the coin as an accent. The color was achieved through oxidizing the metal. No chemicals were used for this permanent finish. Buffing and polishing enhanced the design of the Colombian artwork. The wire wrapped bead and coin hangs 2 inches (5mm) from a rhodium-plated cable chain. The domed coin's diameter is 15/16 inch (24mm) and the rhodium-plated chain length is 24 inches (50.8cm).

The chain can be shortened upon request.