Decorative Bowls - 3 Corner Tapa Bowls - Set of 4 Designs - Hand Painted in Spain

Brand: Cactus Canyon Ceramics

Color: Orange, Yellow, white, blue, red, purple, violet


  • 3 Corner tapa bowl set of 4
  • Hand painted in Andalusia, Spain
  • Unique bowl, perfect for entertaining, appetizers, tapas or snacks
  • Dishwasher, microwave and food safe
  • Each bowl holds approximately 1 cup

Details: This set of 4 bowls is perfect for entertaining and have many uses. They have a unique shape, with 3 corners. Each tapa bowl measures approximately 4.7" in diameter and stands approximately 2.2" high. The bowls are hand painted. Each piece is slightly different from those pictured in the photo, while the essence of the design is the same.

Collections: Latin American Art

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