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Art Latina

Colombian Hammock Chair - 44 inch - Natural Cotton Cloth (Lime)

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Brand: Caribbean Hammocks

Color: Lime


  • ✔✔ SOFT & COMFORTABLE natural cotton and polyester blend - this hammock chair will give you years of comfortable enjoyment - like a good pair of jeans
  • ✔✔ 2 INCH DIAMETER SPREADER BAR - the strongest and safest in the industry. Because we take your safety seriously we only use specially selected FSC certified hardwoods that are almost 4 times the size of some competitors. Also at 44 inches wide we give you 5 inches more shoulder room then many others. Why trust your spine to anything less ?
  • ✔✔ QUALITY ARTISAN CONSTRUCTION - Colombia has been making hammock for over 1000 years. This is a genuine Colombian Hammock not a cheap imitation from China made in the Colombian / Brazilian style - We back ours up with 1 year no questions asked warranty.
  • ✔✔ GREAT FAMILY HAMMOCK - This hammock is strong and robust enough to stand up to kids, pets and parties. Throw some abuse at it and when your done simply put it in the laundry and hang it back up to dry. Not many hammocks are machine washable - gentle cycle please.
  • ✔✔ INDOOR or OUTDOOR USE - Hammock chairs only require one suspension point making them easy to hang from ceiling joists, porches, tree limbs. Relax in style just about anywhere.

Details: ✔✔ COMFORT At 43 inches wide this Colombian Hammock Chair is the most comfortable hammock chair anywhere, this extra width provides ample shoulder room and a spacious feel. The seating area is woven from soft luxurious cotton with 25% polyester add for strength, Most customers express surprise at how supportive and comfortable these chairs are, when sitting in these one notices that there are no pressure points and that the soft cotton cradles your body and give you a sense of weightlessness. ✔✔ HANGING This hammock chair is very easy to hang, all you need is one suspension point that is 7 feet or more from the ground. Installation can be achieved in just a few short minuets with the correct tools and hardware. These chairs are perfect for trees, porches, fun rooms, sun rooms, basements, bedrooms and just about anywhere else. Hanging hardware is sold separately. We recommend kit K1SPW-2 by EZ Hammocks. ✔✔ TRUSTED & PROVEN QUALITY We have been in the hammock business for over 15 years. We don't just sell hammocks we use them every day. We test every hammock design to ensure it meets our exacting standards for size, comfort and longevity. With our experience we know the difference between a good hammock and a great hammock and we want you to have the best ! ✔✔ 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - all products are backed up with a 100 percent no questions asked guarantee for 1 year from purchase - don't like it for any reason just ship it back for a full refund - you just pay the shipping - additionally if we deem the product to be defective in workmanship we will cover the cost of return shipping - the best guarantee in the business. GENUINE COLOMBIAN HAMMOCK MATERIAL - 75% NATURAL COTTON 25% POLYESTER WOOD - FSC WHITE TEAK WEIGHT CAPACITY - 250 LBS BED SIZE - 45 x 55 INCH HANGING HEIGHT - 7 FEET OR HIGHER COUNTRY OF ORIGIN - COLOMBIA

Package Dimensions: 44.3 x 4.4 x 3.7 inches