Classic Mexican Baja Hoodie Pullover Poncho (Dark Forest L)

Brand: El Paso Designs

Color: Dark Forest


  • Premium Classic Mexican Style Baja Hoodie.
  • Great Looks, Soft, Warm, and Comfortable.
  • Brushed inside for an ultra soft feel. Made from 100% recycled fibers.
  • Pass-through Front Pocket,Over-Head Hood, & Extra Wide Rope Tie V-Neck for easy Pull-on and Take-off.
  • Split Hem Sides.

Details: Made popular with the hippie and surf cultures of Baja California in the 70s, these classic Baja Hoodies,"Jergas" have become one of the most popular Mexican style products of all time. Not only are the great looking, they are soft, warm, comfortable, durable, and made from 100% recycled fibers. They feature the traditional "kangaroo" pocket pouch perfectly placed to keep your hands warm and conveniently hold all of your essential items for easy access. While the fabric is lightweight and breathable, a brushing process applied to the inside of the material makes the hoodie ultra-soft and comfortable while creating a layer of insulation that retains the exact amount of body heat needed to stay comfortable under a variety of conditions. A large V-neck opening makes the hoodie easy to pull on and off without snagging or hanging up on your head. The neck features the traditional rope-tie closure. All of our Baja Hoodie Jergas are manufactured from a blend of recyclable acrylic fibers. We guarantee you will love this hoodie, or your money back!

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