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Black Hand Woven Drawstring Bracelet by D'Mundo Accesorios. 240 Crystals Amazing Bracelet. Mother's Day Gift. Adjustable Macrame Bracelet.

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Brand: D'Mundo Accesorios

Color: Black

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Crystals are amazing ! Crystals accessories are chic, elegant, romantic and feminine! This bracelet makes you shine!

Two hundred and forty beautiful black crystals were hand-knotted by us, with high quality black thread, in an attractive and youthful design.

We love Macramé art, the art of knots! A knotted with care is important to protect the beautiful and delicate crystals, so that not get damaged by striking one to each other and to keep them in place.

The 240 crystals are woven forming an array of 20x12. They are faceted, 6 mm, Murano style, with high luster and beautiful black color.

The bracelet is resizable, 6" - 9" inches long, allowing all sizes!.
Bracelet width is 3" inches, what makes it a modern accessory to wear on your wrist.

Although it is not difficult to put and remove, you will receive instructions to do it very easy.

This bracelet comes in a nice gift bag.

Package Dimensions: 3.5 x 3.5 x 1.6 inches