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Aztec Death Whistle

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Brand: Aztec Death Whistles

Color: Bone

Details: Our Aztec Death Whistles produce the loudest, most ear piercing screams you will ever hear from a whistle. They recreate a human scream in both pitch and decibel level that has to be heard to believe.

Listen: If you would like to hear them, please copy and paste our youtube link into your browser: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=coqeCXXJNIg

How they are made: These whistles are not cheap toys, nor cheap souvenir items you can pick up on vacation. Made of high grade resin and epoxy, we hand make each whistle one at a time here in our Florida based studio. We create the whistle component separate from the design and then embed the whistle into the design of your choice, so any design you choose will sound great. We also supply 1 yard of a leather/suede cord so you can hang the whistle around your neck looped through the back of the whistle, or use it to hang on display.

History: If you are unfamiliar with an Aztec Death Whistle read about the history: Death whistles were first discovered in Mexico hundreds of years ago in the burials grounds of the Aztecs. Often the whistles were found clutched in the bony fingers of a skeletal corpse. Historians believe the whistles were used in sacrificial rituals of death, as a number of whistles were found with sacrificed victims to the Aztec wind God Ehecatl. Other theories propose that the whistles were used in war to strike fear in the hearts of their enemies. Imagine hundreds of whistles blowing in all directions as the Aztecs descend on their adversaries.

Package Dimensions: 6.0 x 6.0 x 4.0 inches