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Amethyst and Amazonite Bracelet. 7.4" Handmade genuine gemstone bracelet by D'Mundo Accessorios. Balance, Harmony, Calm and Peace Bracelet.

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Brand: D'Mundo Accesorios

Details: This bracelet is inspired by its stones properties: Balance, Harmony, Calm and Peace! It's perfect for a gift and it's for daily use.

This bracelet features: A beautiful central round 12mm Porcelain Bead with an artistic floral stamped, four blue-green Amazonite Stones - 10-14mm irregular shape -, Three round dark purple Amethyst -10mm- , several light purple small Amethyst chips 6-10mm, four round 8mm blue crystals, and five gold filled round beads. The bracelet is 7.4" inches long, and is stretch. We use a high quality and strong elastic nylon. This bracelet comes gift wrapped in a nice purple color box.

Gemstones Properties :
Jade: Healing!, Jade is a symbol of serenity and purity. It signifies wisdom and tranquility. It increases love and trust. Green Jade is for Health and Heart Chakra,
Amazonite Properties: Amazonite or Amazon Stone is a calming and soothing stone. It calms the brain and nervous system and aids in maintaining optimum health. This blue-green stone balances the energies and inspires truth. Said to be a stone of self-confidence, and good for communication. It`s a very spiritual stone
Amethyst: Amethyst is a meditative and calming stone which works in emotional, spiritual, and physical planes to provide harmony, calm, balance, patience and peace. Amethyst activates spiritual awareness, open intuition and enhances psychic abilities. It's a protection, power and wisdom stone.

Package Dimensions: 3.8 x 3.8 x 1.7 inches