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About Us

About Art Latina

Art Latina was founded March 15th in an apartment building in Medellin Colombia. JD Spinoza and Luiz Centenaro shared an apartment there and were amazed by Alejandra Serna paintings, and talked for hours about how hard it is for an Artist to be successful in Medellin and in Latin America in general. They decided to put their heads together to help her share her Art with the world, and soon many of her friends wanted to join the team, and that is how the Art Latina community was born. 

Art Latina

Graffiti on Glorieta Bulerías, Medellin, Colombia

After talking to all these artists and just talking to people who lives in Medellin, we came up with a conclusion, people here loves Art, you can see it on the streets everywhere you go, on every wall, every park, every corner of the city, it is amazing. But the reality is that many artists can't afford art supplies, when minimum wages are $200 a month you can't even afford a painting to support these talented artists, and the very few that can afford it, go to one of the many galleries in the city that wont give these artists a chance. We are here to share their stories, to share their Art. 

    Meet The Team

    JD Spinoza - Founder & President 

    JD Spinoza

    JD spends most of his days managing a bilingual customer service team servicing clients all over the United States. Nights and weekends he's recruiting artists from all over Colombia and featuring their works on Art Latina
    Alejandra Serna - Art Consultant 

    Alejandra Serna

    Alejandra is a full time engineer from Colombia and living in Argentina. She features her own collection on Art Latina under Alejandra Serna. Working as an art consultant for Art Latina Alejandra helps new featured artists promote their art and establish a brand and career in the field.

    Nick Newby-Carter - Art consultant

    Nick Newby-Carter

    Nick is one of our art consultants for Art Latina, BA honours in Fine Art from Nottingham Trent University, he lived in Medellin, Colombia for 2 years with his Colombian wife, dived into the Colombian culture so much that he can´t wait to return to this piece of paradise.

    Thanks for learning more about us! You can contact us or shop for Latin Art!