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How Much Art is Bought Online Every Year & Will Art Be 100% eCommerce Soon?

by Art Latina May 13, 2018

Art Latina ECommerce

Are you an art enthusiast? How can you acquire beautiful artworks in the current market?  The world is steadily moving forward. And the art industry is moving right along with it! As the day-to-day becomes busier and busier, people have discovered a new path to art appreciation via the online platform. The art culture is experiencing a new wave of success and it's on display for the whole world to see!

Making Strides

Art Latina eCommerce

Photo Credit: Cris DiNoto

Art appreciation is gaining new life and reaching wider audiences. How? It's evolving. No matter what art genre piques a buyer's interest, art eCommerce is making dreams of owning one-of-a-kind artworks possible. Check this out! A Forbes article mentions a study of surveys based on some interesting facts. According to the piece, close to 23 percent of art buyers discover artworks via social media. Many of the pieces sold are under 10,000 dollars, appealing to buyers in search of affordable artworks.

Millennials are leading the charge accounting for close to 45 percent of this uptick in social media sales. But it's reaching the 65 and older crowd as well, as most in that category purchased art via the web. Convenience is important, no matter what the age! eCommerce art sales give art buyers the chance to connect with others through mutual tastes and choose the art they desire through a variety of platforms.

Below are some of the methods art dealers and artists use online to sell creative works:

  • They sell their works at art marketplaces online.
  • They use social media websites.
  • For print-on-demand art buyers, POD websites help art lovers get art quickly.
  • Large marketplaces sell a wide variety of products including art globally.
  • Art galleries/dealers sell art online on their company websites. These galleries often include a variety of artworks by the same artists.

Hiscox insurers offer this analysis, about 90 percent of galleries regularly sell art to clients on the basis of digital imaging only. It's no wonder that experts predict art sales will reach just south of 10 billion dollars by the year 2020. Incredible!

How Much Art is Bought Online Every Year?

Art Latina eCommerce

Photo Credit Toa Heftiba

Online art sales have continued to gain steam as the exposure to fine art expands. Art sales online is a multi-billion dollar industry. And it's set to grow by an impressive 20 percent each year, according to this BBC article. 

Every day people are purchasing artworks that fit their budget and enrich their lives. And it's habit-forming! Mr. Almgrenan art notable quoted this about art, " Once you buy it though, art collection is addictive. The magic moment happens when you unwrap it and see it rather than in a gallery. " That at least in part may explain why the online art industry is experiencing so much success. 

Before wielding a paintbrush to advertise your own artworks was commonplace, now the simple push of a button allows art lovers access to all the great art pieces from past to present! It makes buying art convenient rather than cumbersome.

Will Art Be 100% eCommerce?

Luis Alfonso Orellana

It very likely could be. Eventually, in-house art purchases at gallery shows and museum excursions may become an integral part of the art world's past, but art appreciation will steadily grow with the new generation's exposure to art across the global web. If you enjoy trail-blazing and multi-cultural artworks and would like to acquire your own, click here. You can bring bold and unique pieces to your home without taking time out of your busy schedule. Let fine arts online color your life beautiful!

Art Latina
Art Latina

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