The Story of Latin American Art

February 11, 2018

Latin Art has a deep history rooted in telling the story of the culture. The three distinct cultures Indian, European, and African have shared historical experiences of slavery and imperialism. And today, with underdevelopment, environmental degradation, poverty, and inequality have had a massively impact the artists in this region. Coastal regions and landmarks also play a part in influencing artists, regardless of the spoken language or the region, as rolling mountains and sprawling rainforests are sources of great inspiration to artists, even today. This makes the region not only geographically diverse but culturally diverse and their artistic expression in Latin Art is a representation of this and the influences from Europeans and travelers. Where Did Latin Artists Get Their Influence? Colonialism...

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The Defining Cultural Characteristics of Latin American Art

February 10, 2018

Art is a powerful form of expression. It has been used for centuries to express human emotion in political struggle, creativity, nature, oppression freedom and many other subjects. Due to its visual nature, it captivates the soul to a deeper level. Latin American art is among the most studied art with some of the paintings being done in the 18th century. Mexico was home to many muralist artists. Some the famous Latin American artists are Cundo Burmudez, David Alfaro, Diego Rivera, Jose’ Clemente, Frida Kahlo, Fernando Botero just to name a few. The Message Behind Latin Art Latin American art has been used to express political tides in Mexico. A lot of the art was made during the Mexican mural...

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